Published onFebruary 23, 2022

Mariah Simonovich Selected as the February Beacon of Light at Firelands

(Sandusky, Ohio)Firelands Health is pleased to announce that Mariah Simonovich, nursing supervisor at Firelands, was selected as the February Beacon of Light Award winner.

The Firelands Beacon of Light is a program developed to recognize team members who exemplify and exhibit the values of Firelands Health in the form of exceptional attitude, commitment and enthusiasm (ACE). The award goes to individuals who ACE it every day for patients and co-workers.

Mariah’s nomination exemplifies this dedication. “As a nursing supervisor, Mariah has one of the best, enthusiastic, and welcoming attitudes on a daily basis. She comes in to check on us in the monitor room ready to help with anything we ever need or ask of her. She always has an upbeat attitude and a smile on her face. Mariah brings a warm presence and goes out of her way to make our day smooth,” the nomination read. “Mariah constantly checks on fellow employees to make sure everyone has what they need to succeed. She makes sure our needs are met to the best of her ability, and gives up her own time to help out. She brings a hard-working and positive light to the workplace every day. Mariah has a good rapport with everyone she comes in contact with and is happy to talk and bond with people. She lights up our day when she rounds to make sure our needs are met and help out any way she can.”

Outside of work, Mariah enjoys spending time with her fiancé and their two dogs. She also enjoys gardening and taking care of her house plants. Mariah has been an employee at Firelands for nearly six years.



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